Hot Forging Press【MSF-H】

Hot forging press【MSF-H】

Hot forging press【MSF-H】



Type of forging press
MSF(Output tonnage)-(type of press)(Number of upper axis)(Number of bottom axis)
Type of press M:Multi-axis more than 3-axis C:Cold forging O:Orbital forging H:Hot forging



  • The structure of high rigidity

    Bed, Crown, Upright is a steel plate welded structure, has been strongly tightened by tie rods.
    Robust frame structure, the thickness of the product less the difference, accuracy is always stable.

  • Wide range of allowable eccentric load

    Pillar and Ram mounting section are designed for heavy-duty, allowable eccentric load has been widely taken.

  • Excellent formability

    You can set the arbitrary, force, speed, stroke, knockout power, position of each step. Therefore, rough finish finishing, Pierce, without burrs etc, can be formed at optimum conditions.
    Closed die forging, Deep hole forging, Free forging, Rolling forging (Pre-processing), etc, we offer the best specification in each of the forming.