Japan Forming Machinery Association

Objective of Japan Forming Machinery Association
By striving to enhance manufacturing, distributing, trading of metal forming machinery and enforcement of related policies, and other various measures, our objective is to devote ourselves to the sound development of metal-forming industry as well as the progress of our entire industry, and contribute to the prosperity of the national economy.

Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity

What is JSTP(Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity)
The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity (JSTP) is the organization designed to provide the various kinds of fields, so that the members can obtain and exchange their professional or technical information concerning plastic theory, plastic working and technology and the relevant topics. It is an unique society in the world composed of all the fields of plastic working, so that the members can get those informations easily. Activities of JSTP is presented in the previous pages.
It was organized in 1961, and around 4300 engineers and researchers, and over 370 supporting companies have its membership.

Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

About JSME(Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers)
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers was founded in 1897 to “advance science and technology, and thereby contribute to the development of industries.” Today, its membership exceeds 37,000, making it the nation’s leading engineering society.
Members acquire advanced technical knowledge and are introduced to new fields through discussions that focus on their own specialties as well as a variety of interdisciplinary areas. Hailing from a vast range of companies, universities, and government institutions, the members constitute a unique research community that is constantly engaged in the exchange of technical information and knowledge. Young students, well-trained engineers, and leading researchers all combine to make the JSME a dynamic pioneer in the new scientific and engineering ideas and activities of today’s rapidly changing world.
Today, highly advanced technologies such as mechatronics, new energy sources, biotechnology, and new specialized materials are becoming vital elements for industries and economies. These key technologies are created and developed by people who can envision tomorrow’s social needs –by those possessed of keen sensibility and intelligence. Thus, we at the JSME will continue to offer ever-broader opportunities for interdisciplinary meetings to all mechanical engineers and researchers.