Company History

1922 Established as Mori Kyodo Co., Ltd
1944 Handled agriculture machinery as agent of Kubota Iron Works Co.,Ltd..
Name changed to Mori Nohkoh Co.,Ltd.
1948 Started manufacture of parts and frames of heavy motor for Mitsubishi.
1969 Capital participation by Mitsubishi, name changed to Mori Iron Works Co., Ltd.
1971 Started building of hydraulic press.
1980 Business tie up with NKK(Nippon Kokan)for hydraulic press and capital participation by NKK.
1981 Started development of fine blanking Press
1986 Developing electronics controlled and CNC for Fineblanking Press.
1989 Built the world’s largest Cold Orbital Forging Press with capacity of 8,000kN.
1990 Developed Mechanical Fineblanking Press.
1992 Granted subsidies for new technology development from the Ministry of international Trade and Industry (MITI), and built the largest Japan-made Orbital Forging Press with capacity of 6,500kN.And delivered to customers in Japan and China.
1994 Built the largest Japan-made Fineblanking press with capacity 12,000kN.
1996 Built the world’s largest Cold Orbital Forging Press with capacity of 8,000kN.
2001 Acquired the certification ISO9001
2003 Set up the Shanghai Office in China.
2004 Set up the M.I.W. Thailand in Bangkok as a base of Southeast.
2004 started building the hi-speed mechanical type Fineblanking press with 150SPM.
2006 Started building the hi-speed hydraulic type Fineblanking press.
2006 Taken a prize for introducing 300 of Japan’s Dynamic Monozukuri SMEs Suppotting the Japan of Tomorrow.
2008 For the development and delivery of the press will be awarded the Prize “Manufacturing cooperation” from Aisin AW CO., LTD.
2009 Multi-axis servo- hydraulic press developed with the assistance from “business support sophisticated strategic technology infrastructure” of the Ministry of Industry.
2010 A partnership with Showa Seiko Co., Ltd. for the sale of Fineblanking Die.