Hydraulic Fineblanking Press【FB-FDEBH】



Fineblanking samples

Fineblanking samples

Production table(kN)
FB 1600 2000 2500 3200 4000 6500 8000 10000 12000 15000
MFB 1600 2000 2500              
Model of FB Press:FB-FDEBH
F(Fixed punch)D(control CNC)E(Automatic pressure adjustment)
B(Long Ram guide)P(Guide post)H(High-speed)



  • It is suitable production for thick plate, large parts and complex shape parts.
  • We have experience of delivery 1,600kN ~ 12,000kN.
  • Processing up to 19mm thickness.


Selecting from among the many models.

  • Please select a suitable press, such as thickness, material, shape of the product.
    Tool for the FB, there are two different types of fixed punch and movable punch. Takes many pieces, progressive, large parts of the tool for fixed punch is used.

  • Hydraulic FB press that produced has 10 models, from the smallest 160 tons type, to up to 1,500tons.
    More recently, developed a Mechanical FB200ton 100SPM and Hydraulic FB500ton 50SPM. It also supports high-speed production.


Structure and Features of body

  1. The frame is welded integral structure, careful annealing has been applied.
  2. Cylinder, Bolster and Ram are using a special steel.
  3. Ram slide has long and widely eight guides. Can withstand the load eccentricity in composite tool.
  4. Top stop device, high-precision fine thread called Mechanical stopper has been used. Mechanical stopper. During production, mechanical stopper is fixed at four hydraulic cylinders. And, the accuracy will remain in a repeat stop within 0.01mm. Therefore, you can maintain a stable high-quality composite molding, also prevent damage to the mold.
  5. Lamb, it takes pressure from below by hydraulic and is controlled so as not to vibrate at the lower stop.
  6. Main cylinder, V-ring cylinder, Counter cylinder, Auxiliary cylinder of their pressure and timing can be adjusted individually.

① Main cylinder
② Main piston
③ Mechanical stopper
④ Bottom Bolster
⑤ Counter Piston
⑥ Slide
⑦ Center support
⑧ Eight surface guide
⑨ Bottom guide
⑩ V-ring piston
⑪ Top bolster
⑫ Fast approach cylinder
⑬ Tool safety cylinder


Standard equipment

Tool safety equipment

  • After a stroke, if remain in the tool such as products and slag, when detect them, press stop suddenly, to prevent mold damage. (Patented)

Shut height adjustment equipment

  • When you re-polishing punch, you can resume production by simply shut height adjustment. (Patented)

Material feed unit

  • When you use coil material and sheet material, you need inlet and outlet material feed unit.
  • According to the material, the width direction and path line position can be adjusted.
  • When using the sheet material, you can input the condition in the CPU, to do so you can continuous production by automatic control.
  • You want to save installation space of the device, you can use NC leveler feeder without inlet feeder.

Parts remove and slag exhaust

  • To increase the working efficiency, the air blow is effective.
    However, if you use a parts remover, products and slag are separated automatically, and not mixture of two sides of the product. Therefore, to prevent denting of the production, to prevent contamination by cutting oil at equipment around, eliminate the noise caused by air blow.

Lubricating unit

  • In Fineblanking, select the cutting oil, depending on the product.
    Felt roller type is standard.That can save the cutting oil and not mist occur.
    Cutting oil on the bolster are collected through the groove.
    When cutting oil reduces the amount of cutting oil tank, the press will stop automatically detects the amount of oil degradation.

Hydraulic unit

  • Hydraulic oil tank, in a separate unit was separated from the press, does not have any impact on the heat or vibration.
    Because it uses hydraulic equipment and pumps made in Japan, is also advantageous to the preservation and running costs.
    Management of the oil temperature is the standard equipment of water-cooled heat exchanger.
    (For cold climates, delivery can also be air-cooled heat exchanger and the heater.)
    Hydraulic oil tank is equipped with an electrostatic oil cleaning filter unit, the removal of fine contaminants in hydraulic oil, to prevent deterioration of the hydraulic oil and hydraulic equipment malfunction.

Front safety shutter

  • Continuous operation is possible only when the safety shutter is closed. Can be also equipped with an optical safety device.

Scrap cutter

  • Hydraulic cutter, you can set the cutting cycle, Cutter has a shearing angle to be able to cut at lower pressure.


Special accessories

Auxiliary hydraulic circuit

  • To reduce the number of processes in composite molding, you can add auxiliary hydraulic circuit can be controlled independently.
    You can choose, pressure from high pressure circuit type, or a single circuit type.

Miss feed detection equipment.

  • Feeder, when overload occurs in the servo motor, automatic stop the press.


  • Replacement of the tool, you can easily do by pre-roller attached to the front of the press.

Hydraulic clamping of the tool.

  • To removal of the tool, you can use the hydraulic clamp, it is safe, easy, quick, accurate.

Hydraulic die lifter

  • To bolster, if equipped with a hydraulic die lifter, the move of the tool is easy.

Tool change cart

  • To achieve a quick exchange tool of no risk. And loading of the mold, you can choose to manually or automatically.

Mist Collector

  • Collect the mist generated by air blow to the product and slag.

Moving bolster

  • By using multiple sets of moving bolster, you can prepare the next tool and insert ring during production.

Optical safety device.

  • To protect workers during the press operation is the optical safety device, the press is stopped immediately detected by a 10mm pitch.

Cutting oil supply in the tool

  • By supplying the cutting oil into a tool, in the case of molding of complex shapes is used to prevent Consumption of the tool.

Remote access diagnosis system (Modem)

  • Through a telephone line using a modem, browse the system, and can change the system.

Special table

  • To a wide range of progressive tool, available oval shape insert ring table.


Features of CNC(Touch panel)

  • By shape, material and thickness of the product, you can input on touch panel optimal processing conditions of the tool.
  • Input data, you can have up to 100tools data stored in the CPU. (It is also possible to increase capacity.)
  • If you replaced the tool, you can select the number of tool at touch panel, easy to reproduce the processing conditions.
  • Operation of the touch panel is simple and can be reproduced immediately prior to processing data. Tool change time has been reduced, improving the work efficiency in high-mix low-volume production.
  • On the screen you can check the operation of hydraulic equipment and sensors. Then, when an error occurs, the error message will be displayed on the screen to help you solve the problem.
  • During production, the processing conditions can be changed without stopping the press. You can check and modify the processing conditions of a tool for the next production.
  • On the touch panel, so you can aggregate uptime of the press. You can also aggregate the time of the stop press when mold change and other factors. Those data can help your production management.
  • To display the screen, a place that requires a maintenance inspection on a regular basis.