Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press【MSF】

Hydraulic deep drawing press【MSF】

Hydraulic deep drawing press【MSF】

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Type of forging press
MSF(Output tonnage)-(type of press)(Number of upper axis)(Number of bottom axis)
Type of press M:Multi-axis more than 3-axis C:Cold forging O:Orbital forging H:Hot forging



  • Hydraulic deep drawing is designed for the purpose of mass production of thin steel sheet drawing and blanking, for automobiles, electrical equipment, kitchen equipment, etc.
  • Because this hydraulic press using a closed circuit, there is no shock at the time of switching.
  • Press frame has a sufficient rigidity and strength to maintain high accuracy, is a straight-side frame.
  • Place easy-to-use, push button, selector switch, instrument, valve adjustment, etc., will help driving safe and secure operations.