Ram type Press【MSP】

Ram type press【MSP】

Ram type press【MSP】



  • Purpose

    Distortion takes, re-bending, paneling, deep drawing, piercing and If you attach Comb -shaped tool to bolster, you can use plate bending machine. Wide adaptability is a product.

  • Rigidity of the machine

    Upper frame, Table below, Side frames, Bolsters, etc. are made of welded steel plate with sufficient strength to withstand the maximum load.

  • High accuracy

    Parallel with high accuracy under the table surface and bottom bolster. Can be accurate forming, deep drawing, piercing, long sheet bending.

  • Cylinder Ram

    Ram has been processing of Hard chrome plating or Polishing induction hardening. Less wear packing and oil leakage, can be used for a long time.

  • Safety equipment

    Equipped with a safety device of Weight fall prevention device and Automatic stopping device on the top and bottom-stroke etc, It can be used safety.