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Material to briquette steel chips

 Pig iron chips Special steel chips Rolled structural steel copper alloy aluminum Non-ferrous and other material

Polishing sludge

 Iron and steel Superalloy aluminum other material

The shape of the material  Granular or chip form Curly  Polishing sludge Other
Cutting fluid to be used  Water soluble Oil soluble  Do not use Other
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Questionnaire  Provided at no charge to industrial waste treatment company. Sold to industrial waste treatment company. Paying the cost to go with industrial waste treatment company. Other

Primary treatment of polishing sludge

 Has not been the primary treatment Primary treatment by magnet separator Primary treatment by Pressurized belt filter Other

Matter is expected by compressing briquetting.

 Cutting fluid is not the sauce. Handling is improved. Reducing the number of transport. No longer need the centrifuge so when you squeeze the cutting fluid to the briquette. The briquettes can be sold because it can be melted. Other

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